Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Do You Want To Blog?

Try searching in Google for the key words 'blogging for beginners' today and it will show you at least 2,650,000 links relating to this subject. Put in the key words 'why blog' and it will show you more than 315,000,000 hits. It's not exactly a bad thing, but sometimes it paralyzes the searcher with the sheer number of posts and ideas about blogging. These links will tell you how easy it is to have your own blog; how getting your blog address is easy as pie, how you can just pick it up from any one of those blogging sites, scribble a few words, click publish and your blog will be up and running in minutes. Some of these links will even show you how you can make money off your blog and then cite a few bloggers who have made it big.

However, before you get carried away and start having delusions of internet grandeur, pause for a moment and try to answer this question; Why do you want to blog? (What is your goal? What is your motivation?)

This is a question that is just begging to be answered. Sure, you can blog for blogging's sake if you're just another bored person who doesn't have any better thing to do, who's heard about blogging, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, and then declared to himself that it's a good day to create a blog. If this kind of impetuousness works for you, then go ahead, be my guest, and more power to you.

But if you are a person who values your time, who wants to have your own piece of lasting internet real estate, this question can spell the difference between having a fulfilling (and hopefully lucrative) online existence, and wasting a lot of time. If you don't have a clear answer to this question and you just blog for kicks(and as I said, you are certainly free to do so), then your blog is eventually destined to join the unnamed tombs of blogs that have fallen into the clutches of the internet's blog cemeteries. And there, laid to waste for all eternity, goes those innumerable hours spent blogging in front of your computer.

Consider this: In April 2007, Technorati's CEO, David Silfry reported that his company as of March 2007 has tracked 70 million blogs(note1) floating around the internet. When quizzed further by Businessweek about this number, it turned out that only 21% of all tracked weblogs are active(note2). Knowing yourself and having a clear idea of what you want has always been the foundation of all successful and lasting endeavors. In the same way, having a good understanding of why you want to blog ensures that you increase your chances of staying on the active side of Technorati's statistic.

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